About Spearmint: learn about it

There are many different forms of mint and not all of them are suitable for inclusion in a canine diet. Spearmint however is one which can be included without any problems and when included as part of a balanced diet can bring with it a range of nutritional benefits. Find something about the Wellness Dog Food. Mint, such as spearmint and peppermint is a known aid to digestion and can also be used to help counterac

What is low phosphorous dog food?

Phosphorous in an important dietary mineral as it helps with the production of new bone which is essential for early development. However for elderly dogs a high level of phosphorous in the diet can be dangerous and therefore when catering for the needs of an elderly dog a low phosphorous diet may be prescribed. Find something about Diamond brand. Also, dogs that have been diagnosed with kidney problems are also r

Feeding an overweight dog green beans

While green beans many not appear to be a natural food for dogs, when feeding an overweight pet they provide a number of dietary and nutritional benefits that can assist in getting the dog back to a healthy weight. Green beans are a source of a number of vitamins and minerals which are essential to health, such as vitamin C but they are also an excellent source of dietary fibre. You can find green beans in Primal d

Moody Gardens discounts

Moody Gardens is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Galveston, Texas. The gardens contain three vast glass pyramids, each of which is an attraction in its own right. More Galveston coupons. The gardens have been entertaining visitors since the opened in 1986 with the aquarium pyramid and rainforest pyramid proving incredibly popular. The third pyramid is focussed on science and contains a wealth of

Longwood Gardens discounts

Longwood Gardens are a beautiful attraction located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. The gardens contain different areas of planting including formal and informal garden areas which provide the visitor with different colours and kinds of foliage throughout the year. There are also a number of conservatories and hot houses at the gardens which contain a number of exotic plants, with one being entirely devoted to orc

Marco’s Pizza discounts

It was 1978 when Pasquale Giammarco opened his first pizzeria. The one outlet in Oregon was the initial store in what has become a chain of more than four hundred and fifty pizza restaurants across America as well as in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico as well as in India. Although a pizza restaurant there are some alternative to pizza on the menu including sub sandwiches as well as speciality breads and spicy chicken w

Out of Africa – Discounts

Head to the Out of Africa website and check out the latest special offers that the park is running. At the moment there is the chance to save money on the cost of admission tickets to the park when you purchase tickets in advance via the website. Once you have been through the ticket selection process it is simply a case of adding the code AFRICA15 to your shopping cart before checking out, the discounted price wil

Jacksonville Zoo – Careers

Those employed at Jacksonville Zoo receive a competitive package of benefits which features medical and dental insurance as well as life insurance. Other zoo coupons. They also receive paid time off as well as access to a 403B retirement plan, plus of course zoo discounts. All available vacant positions at the zoo from mascot through to horticultural technicians and animal care internships are advertised on the Jac

Sweet Frog – Flavours

Sweet Frog frozen yoghurt is available in a wide variety of flavours, from family favourite vanilla through to angel food cake flavour and wild berry tart flavour. More yoghurt coupons. There are just under forty different flavours ranging from the simple to the exotic. Some of the more unusual flavours include French toast, maple pecan donut and root beer float. All of these flavours are available as fat free opti

How to Become a Doula in 2015?

She offers information relating to the mechanics of the birth and provides physical and emotional support throughout the whole process. They will visit the family once or twice at home, both before and after delivery. An antepartum doula is someone who looks after women considered to be experiencing a high risk pregnancy, and those confined to total bed rest. They have even been known to help with the household cho