Mellow Mushroom

The first restaurant in the Mellow Mushroom chain was opened in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. The outlets in the chain are operated as franchises of which there are currently one hundred and fifty in locations spread across the United States. Although known primarily as a pizzeria chain they also serve a selection of hoagies and salads too. The chain also operates a customer loyalty scheme which provides members the op

Lake Compounce

Bristol, Connecticut is the location of the Lake Compounce Amusement Park. The facility was established in 1846 and remains America’s oldest continually operational amusement park. The park is filled with all of the rides, roller coasters and attractions that you would expect, but also has a welcoming stretch of beach for visitors to enjoy as well as a full sized water park. The name of the park is taken from Chi

Raging Waters

California is home to three water parks which operate under the name of Raging Waters; one is in Sacramento, one is in San Jose and the third is located in San Dimas. All of the parks are owned and operated by the same people; the Palace Entertainment Group. Despite all being in the same state and all being operated by the same people the parks are very different from one another. It is true that they all contain w

Chiropractic Schooling

While a chiropractor (see what’s that) does graduate from their training with a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Degree, it is not gained in the same medical school as other doctors. Instead of standard medical college a chiropractor graduates from an accredited School of Chiropractic Medicine. It is also not necessary for them to have earned a bachelor’s degree before applying for admission; however the maj

Shedd Aquarium

Previously called the John G. Shedd Aquarium the facility which is located in the city of Chicago, Illinois is currently housing more than 25,000 fish. The aquarium was established in 1930 and at the time was the first and only inland aquarium to have a permanent saltwater exhibit willed with marine life. The aquarium stands alongside the Field Museum of Natural History on Museum Campus Chicago and plays host to mo

Pediatrician Hourly Wage

According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics the average hourly rate of pay for a pediatrician in the United States is $74.00 which equates to an annual salary of $130,000. Whilst this has been calculated as the national average it is not the rate of pay that every pediatrician in the country is receiving. Those working in entry level positions without the training and experience required to command a


The Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits fast food restaurant chain is based in the town of Charlotte, North Carolina. It a casual dining/fast food chain which specialises in Cajun style fried chicken as well as traditional southern buttermilk biscuits and other traditionally Southern menu items. The chain was founded by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas in 1977 when they opened their first outlet in Charlotte. In

Pathologist assistant salary

Similarly to other assistants within the medical field, are some of the most highly-paid and crucial non-physician professionals within the healthcare industry. Often, pathologist assistants will hold a master’s degree within their field, and have been licensed by the state to provide medical care at a basic level under the supervision of a physician. Usually, pathologist assistants will be expected to carry out

Town Fair Tires

With 87 store locations in five different states, Town Fair Tires is one of the premier tire chains in America. They offer all the services you would expect from tire stores, as well as offering a premium on buying four times, with a buy three, get one free policy. They also offer early bird policies on snow tires and a price match guarantee in their store. Town Fair Tires also has a myriad of free offers to make u

Petroleum Engineering Wages

Many people overlook a career as a petroleum engineer, failing to realise that it is one of the best paid jobs in the world at the moment. Salaries are high and the job outlook is currently the best it has been for years. The majority of petroleum engineers in the US are locates in the state of Texas and earn an average salary of $154,200 annually. While at the beginning of their career the earning of a petroleum e